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Tangier Boot Tray

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Color: Copper

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Extraordinarily COOL. An interesting design adaptation for your floor inspired from vintage tin ceiling tiles.

Hand hammered design with a powder coated finish over rolled steel.

A second clear coat finish is applied to help prevent rust.

Foam rubber pads on the back of each corner to keep the tray firmly in place.

For indoor use only.

Harsh road salts and chemicals left on the boot tray for an extended period of time will erode the protective finish. Is it recommended to wipe the tray clean regularly with a damp soft cloth to remove these chemical compounds.

This metal boot tray is watertight only when used for its original purpose as a method for storing boots and shoes that may be wet or dirty. It is not watertight when used in any other fashion and should not be used as a water vessel. Intended for floor usage only.

Due to the handmade nature of each boot tray there can be slight variations in finishing.


Size: 13"x30"x2"