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Northwoods Stripe Doormat

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Feet, paw, and HOOF PROOF, this is a doormat befitting even the heartiest of northern entryways.

Natural fibers made of coconut shell husks are known as “coir”. The mats are constructed to have a very low profile so as not to catch on doors in small tight spaces.

Rubber backed coir mats are best used in a sheltered entry and should not be allowed to sit in standing water for an extended period of time otherwise the fibers will prematurely decompose. Air outside for a few days before use as natural rubber can have a strong odor upon unpackaging.

When you first receive your mat give it a heavy shake outside to dislodge any loose fibers that may still be on the mat from production. An occasional shake outside or vacuum is all that is needed to maintain your mat.


Size: 18"x30"x.25"

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